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In Chaotic Kill Shelter, Terrified 3-Month Old Chihuahua Struggles To Find The Meaning of Life

A chaotic, noisy, miserable existence would almost most certainly be the Carson Animal Shelter in Gardena, California. There isn’t a place I know where hopes and dreams fade faster the end credits of a Charlie Chaplin film.

Accept that this is no movie, and it is no laughing matter as the dogs, and cats trapped in this high kill, cash-strapped facility yearn for the freedom some might never see again. That’s because, at Carson, the animals living in the facility are given just days, and sometimes just weeks to find forever families before they are brought to the back and “humanely euthanized.” Carson calls this a “measurement to ensure population control” according to my source at the shelter. Sad indeed.

For one unnamed 3-month-old pup, his initiation into this tough world we live in is as harsh as it gets. For some unknown reason, his owner didn’t want to deal with him anymore, and so he shipped him off to Carson without a second thought, before briskly walking away.

And walk away he did, because he couldn’t even manage to give a name before he left, leaving Carson staff to handle all the details, and fill in all the blanks.

SpeakUp, a kill shelter is no place for a young pup with a promising future. If you or someone you know is interested in giving this precious pup the forever family he rightfully deserves, please contact the Los Angeles County Animal Control – Carson at (310) 523-9566 and reference the shelter ID #A5035116.

Additionally, please share this story on Facebook or Twitter, so we are closer to finding this pup a home.💕❤