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Sadly, No One Wants To Adopt This Dog Because Of The Colors Of Her Eyes

Ellie is an 18-month-old playful spaniel, but no one wants to adopt her. For the last six-months, she has been at Dogs Trust Ilfracombe in Devon, United Kingdom. Hundreds of would-be adopters have walked away from the delightful pup because of the colors of her eyes – and yes, “colors.” The dog was born with a rare condition giving her two different colored eyes; one of her eyes is brown and the other is bright blue.

Shelter staff can’t think of any other reason. The condition referred to as heterochromia in humans is a result of less pigment in her left eye. Her vision isn’t affected at all. Ellie’s identical sister, named Mollie, was adopted shortly after she arrived in October, so what else could it be? When Ellie’s story was posted in the Express & Echo, Elise Watson, the adoption manager at the rescue stated:

“Ellie and Mollie arrived at the rehoming centre at the same time but weren’t necessarily looking to be rehomed together. They are both similar in temperament and personality, so we don’t think there is any reason that Ellie should be left behind. It’s baffling as she is a wonderful dog, and we think her blue eye is really striking"

For anyone considering giving this lovely pooch a home, she is described as great with other dogs and a home with another dog who can play with her and help her bond would be preferable. Ellie loves people, but she needs to be in an adult only home. Interested in meeting Ellie? Please get in touch with Dogs Trust Ilfracombe at 0300 303 0292. Please share her story with friends, family and social media. This delightful pup deserves a loving home.

Photo via Facebook from Dogs Trust Ilfracombe.