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Nobody came for this black little peanut today. She was given another day to find a home

A volunteer writes: Things may have started off slow with Lily, but I liked her right away. It’s fair to say some have a type, and little lumps of black charcoal, low-rider, chunky monkeys are mine. Lily’s smushy face is only icing on the cake.

But, at first, Lily is shy and so serious that her little face looks so concerned it’s hard not to feel my heartstrings tug. While she’s anxious in her kennel, she seems very housetained and is ready to go out. Admittedly, once she took care of business, she sort of explored the yard, staying mostly to herself, aside from greeting the dog in the adjacent pen.

It wasn’t until I showed her a ball that she really began to shine! All of a sudden, her downturned mouth turned into a smile from ear to ear and she literally couldn’t contain her joy! Lily LOVES to fetch. She is quite the athlete for a vertically challenged, slightly overweight little lady. She zooms after the ball, brings it back, drops on command and does it again and again with seemingly endless newfound energy.

Lily’s former owner reports that she’s lived with kids and done well with them, may be best as the only dog in the home, and that it takes her a little time to warm up to new people. It may sound cliché, but Lily is a spring flower that is ready to bloom, she just needs the right family to help her. Ask to meet her today!

For more information about Lily, call:
(212) 788-4000 for automated instructions
Ask for information about animal ID number A1110218