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he smiles even the world has not been kind to him - and 12 months old shepherd will die

Joel is only 12 months old and this is his story. His owner was arrested leaving him and his sister Nia in their apartment for 5 days without food or water. The shelter separated them, never to see each other again - she was terrified and they killed her. He grabbed the leash from the assessor which is pretty much a death sentence. Then he caught the shelter cold and today, he fights for his life because he is homeless and unwanted. NOT RESERVED JOEL WILL BE KILLED (if not already) - San Bernardino City Shelter.

A volunteer writes "For Joel is a force of nature to be sure and when that nature calls, Joel speedily attends to it. He relaxes immediately afterwards. And when those big, puppy paws dipped in vanilla (ice cream) hit the soil – Joel is nothing but smiles. Second things second: Joel is ALL about toys. Red, blue, old, new. If it squeaks or it squawks Joel will enjoy it without end. “Pick me! Pick me!” Now that’s me saying it, as I vie for my guy’s wandering eye whilst he happily chomps away. Finally it’s my turn in the sun and Joel throws himself over me, a big galumph with a lap dog inside. And as he contentedly pants I rub his soft, silly ears before another toy he spies with his wandering eye and my guy – he’s off once more. Joel is waiting ..."

San Bernardino City Shelter, CA doesn't have many networkers, we really need your help sharing our dogs. The local rescues are full and we're in big trouble!

For more information about JOEL, call:
San Bernardino City Animal Shelter
333 Chandler Place, San Bernardino, CA
Closed Sunday and Monday
Telephone: (909) 384-1304
Ask for information about animal ID #A504610


Additionally, please share this story on Facebook or Twitter so we are closer to finding this terrified soul a home. We have done it so many times together, and can certainly do it again.💕❤