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6-week-old German shepherd puppy dumped in woods ‘like an old mattress’

A six-week-old German shepherd puppy’s life was all too brief. Dumped in the woods like a ” broken washing machine or an old mattress,” the emaciated puppy was discovered near Kirkham, Lancashire, earlier in the week. A person walking in the area had found the frightened puppy staggering on Tuesday afternoon near Station Road.

According to Express, the walker had been worried when she found the puppy barely able to walk. The Good Samaritan rushed the puppy to a nearby veterinarian. RSPCA Inspector Amy McIntosh was assigned to the possible case of animal cruelty and abandonment.

“We don’t believe she had been there for long as it is a busy dog-walking area, and we think she would have been spotted out in the open fairly quickly so we suspect she was abandoned there shortly before 3pm. She wasn’t tied up and didn’t have any belongings or bedding with her so it looks as though she’s just been plonked there without a second thought. She was completely emaciated, dehydrated and very, very weak,” the inspector stated.

The puppy, dubbed Pumpkin, sadly was too sick to survive, despite the extraordinary veterinary procedures performed trying to save the little female pup’s life. Tests results concluded Pumpkin was infested with parasites, was very anemic and had a serious liver problem; hours later the puppy was humanely euthanized. Inspector McIntosh had immediately bonded with the puppy, and shared her sorrow and anger over the puppy’s death:

“I’m devastated that Pumpkin couldn’t be saved and furious that someone could abandon such a weak, vulnerable puppy and leave her to die. It’s completely unacceptable to dump her like this. She’s been cast aside just like a broken washing machine or an old mattress. There is no excuse for this sort of irresponsible and mindless cruelty.”

Perhaps the only consolation Inspector McIntosh can draw from the untimely death of this tiny puppy, is Pumpkin received hugs and kisses – human compassion that some jerk who deprived this defenseless little one.

The RSPCA is appealing for anyone who recognizes Pumpkin or has information about where she comes from to contact the charity’s appeal line on 0300 1233 8018.

Source: Petrescue