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Frightened 3 months old german shepherd have to fight very hard for his life

For a young unnamed 3 months old German Shepherd named, his short time on earth has been nothing but an uphill struggle. Life is filled with so many ups and downs, twists, and turns, that nowadays, it is hard to tell the difference between the ones who say they love you, and your actual enemy.

A young three-month-old pup dumped at a shelter is struggling to come to grips with a new life, that is as confusing, as it is sad. The unnamed pup is trying his hardest to have faith in a system, that has seen so many like him executed, through no fault of their own.

High kill shelter rate, is not the place where hope abounds to say and write the least. Dogs at High kill shelter are given just weeks, and sometimes even just days to find forever families before they are put down as a form of “population control” according to staff.

Ask for information about animal below:
ID# 37037273
2100 Blk N Fannin
Male, 3 months
20lbs, parvo negative

Address: 4218 Chandler Hwy 75702 Tyler, Texas

Call 903-535-0045 to reclaim or for inquiries.
Rescue transfers can inquire at or If you would like to adopt, you can find our adoption application here: Download it, fill it out, and send it to our adoption counselor Jennifer at

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