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This sweet soul has given up, and curled up to die

I cannot unsee these images, I cannot get these defeated dogs out of my head and I can't stop that bloody puddle flashing in front of my eyes.

I can stop wondering who bled out to death in there and I can't stop worrying about these 3 dying defeated souls who are going to be the next victims of the cruel streets.

They are all in south Texas and they have a chance to come to Dallas but they need fosters and rescues backing in order to be saved. They have hours to get commitment or they die- as harsh as it is this is the fucked up reality for many.

They are all beat up and scarred but they are sweet and friendly and deserve to finally live instead of just struggling to survive. Please text me ASAP if your rescue can help or you can foster for a rescue 847-274-3577 THEY NEED COMMITMENT BY 7AM

No offers for these 3 yet. If they don't get commitment they can't get on transport with no place to go and I don't know if they will survive on the streets till next transport which won't be for weeks. Please don't let these dogs be forgotten- I know they look beat up and scary but they're sweet dogs and it's not their fault they've had such shit lives

- NO UPDATE RECEIVED, read comment for update from crossposter

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