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2 dogs abandoned in a wire crate at McWhorter Park TX, inside the drainage pipe

Last night in Mesquite...

Shortly after 8pm last night, our on call officer at Mesquite Animal Services received a report of 2 dogs abandoned in a wire crate at McWhorter Park. When the officer arrived, he found two friendly pit bulls in one wire crate placed inside the drainage pipe. The dogs were cold and scared, but very happy to see a friendly face.

Both dogs are now safe and warm at the shelter. One dog has a microchip registered to an address in Arlington, TX. The phone number is no longer in service, but we are currently working with the Arlington Animal Services to try to track down that owner.

The male is deeply in love with the female. We had them out today for some publicity and he wouldn’t stop kissing her. Of course, she is in heat so his hormones may have something to do with that but it was pretty cute.”

They will need rescue/fosters. Email if yo can help

- NO UPDATE RECEIVED, read comment for update from crossposter

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