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9 newest babies abandoned, the sign reads: "FREE PUPPIES: Leave trashcan."

😠😠 Take a deep breath with me. 😠😠

Inhale, hold, exhale. 🌬️
Inhale, hold, exhale.
Inhale, hold, exhale.
My friends, tonight I am pissed.

Followers of our rescue know that one thing we pride ourselves on is keeping a positive and professional tone on our page. This is how we keep ourselves from sliding into drama. This is how we keep ourselves sane. This is how we don't go into an emotional breakdown with all the **** we see done to animals.

Today is not that day.

Today, I'm trying not to rage... But holy CRAP, this is testing my limits. Meet our nine newest babies.

As you can see, they are in a #/$&!* trashcan.

For free.

In the 👹👹👹👹 cold.

Temps tonight are way too cold for these 4 week old babies to be safe. They were put in a trash can, out for anyone and everyone to take. No one supervising. No one making sure the scum of the earth, the baser humans, the people who I hate to acknowledge I breathe the same air as---dog fighters--didn't snatch them up.

What's worse? Hold on to your hats... It gets worse. How you ask?

The sign reads: "FREE PUPPIES: Leave trashcan."

💥*rips out clumps of hair like a mad woman*💥

GAHHHHH. These people not only put puppies in the trash, set them out for free, but they wanted to make sure no one took their trashcan. THEIR TRASHCAN.

Okay, I'm going to scream into a dark corner until I'm fit to return with a professional tone. I will take lots of deep breaths so I can return and play nicely with others.

Until then, feel free to leave your thoughts about these babies below.

*thank you LA at the Huntsville shelter for answering my billion questions after hours so we could save them. 💜

**EDIT: Remember, we are a rescue. Rescues have zero power over filing charges. We hope VERY much the shelter/animal control follows up.

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