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Benefits of Life Insurance for Seniors
The majority of senior residents of North America are not able to afford long-term care due to the high cost. Only a few seniors use their insurance to cover the expenses for long-term care. This is a serious issue; too many seniors are unprepared for these costs, leaving them and their families at financial risk. There is a solution: purchasing life protection can help cover all possible expenses for long-term care. There are also several other advantages of purchasing life insurance for seniors; find out about these below.

Provide Financial Support for Your Spouse

Married elderly couples are often anxious about leaving their better halves with debt after passing away, and for good reason. Funerals in countries of North America are quite expensive - they can cost as much as $5,000 or more. Not every family can afford these costs, and that is why life coverage comes as a practical solution.

Life protection policies can fully cover the expenses of the funeral and burial of one spouse, and that coverage can bring some peace of mind to the insured person. Covered by a life protection policy, the individual can be sure that his or her significant other will receive the necessary support to deal with the financial side of a funeral.

In addition, a surviving spouse can use the funds from the coverage to increase the benefits from their pension plan.

Life insurance for seniors makes it simpler to deal with the expenses of a funeral, and that means the financial pressure does not add to the already-stressful situation.

You Can Still Get Life Insurance If You Are Sick

A lot of the insurance companies that provide traditional life protection policies often refuse to provide life protection for seniors who have pre-conditions. A serious illness poses a high risk to your life, not to mention the fact that advanced age also contributes to that increased risk. These are the main reasons an insurance company will decline your life insurance application.

Having a pre-condition does not mean you are left without life coverage at all, though. There are many insurance companies that do provide insurance for people who cannot or do not want to undergo a health exam. This type of insurance, often called no medical life insurance, does not require a medical examination for qualification; however, this feature also makes the price of this type of insurance higher, compared to a traditional life protection policy.

There are two types of life insurance policies that do not require a health exam: guaranteed issue and simplified issue. Guaranteed issue insurance plan requires no medical tests and no medical questions; that means that you are approved for this insurance automatically, but you will have to wait two years before the policy starts to work. Simplified issue insurance requires you to answer a series of questions, but there is no medical examination, and the policy provides coverage from day one.

The Bottom Line: Life Insurance Is a Reasonable Choice for Seniors

Progress in technology and healthcare are making it possible for people all over the world to live longer lives. That is why the senior population is outnumbering the population of younger people, and it is also why more life coverage alternatives have to come into play. Before these changes, one could not afford life insurance if they were older than 60 or 70 years of age. Now, it is no longer an issue - older people no longer have to worry about leaving their families with nothing but emotional and financial distress when they are gone. Life insurance is a helpful hand thanks to which you can be sure your family, children, and spouse are financially secure.




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Health Insurance is a significant safety measure desirable to all persons for making sure a financial support as long as any medical mishap in the family. They not merely cover up any unforeseen expenses of emergencies but cover up routine and precautionary health care procedures too.

As medical technology advances, the cost of seeking medical treatment also follows to increase. More and more diseases reported and some are still unknown with no medical treatments. Good doctors’ consultation fees can easily cost you hundreds per visit, and in times of surgery or hospitalization, the digits will run up to four, five or even seven digits. Hence, is the money you save sufficient to hel~ you pay all these expenses? This is where the importance of getting health insurance comes in. If you are not already convinced, here are the top six reasons why you should ensure that you have appropriate health insurance.

The Top six reasons include:

1. Protecting your finances
Without Insurance, you may find that the fees you pay for a regular hospital visit are higher than when you do have cover. Health Insurance also shields you from unexpected medical costs. In extreme circumstances, your cover can save you from bankruptcy in the event of severe medical issues.

2. Protecting your business
There are Insurance packages in place that can protect your business from financial loss, instability or any liabilities resu lting from the death of valued business partners or owners, without causing any direct cash crunches at the time of sudden liability.

3. Protecting those you care for
Sudden death – either by accident or unexpected illness can cause the people whom you love with great emotional stress. Having an insurance plan means that even in the event of such loss, your loved ones can deal with the grief without the extra burden of financial strain. Life Insurance will enable your dependents to pay off mortgage costs, funeral expenses, and even college bills. Your legacy can be carried on with your family assured of the same comfort you provide for them now.

4. Protection for you:
Having a continued Health Insurance Plan allows you to improve your access to quality medical care. Most members of Health Insurance Plans usually have access to a broader network of health care providers. An uninsured patient may get emergency room care and be billed afterward but may miss out on treatment for a life-threatening condition, compared with a patient who has appropriate insurance.

5. Peace of mind
While no amount of money can replace the value of a person, having health insurance assures you of protection against the uncertainties that come with life.

6. Routine checkup
People with health insurance are more likely to go to the hospital before their condition worsens and becomes more expensive to treat.

To conclude, purchasing adequate health insurance is something that is not a luxury but a necessity. It enables you to grow and develop your life, safe with the knowledge that should something happen to your health, you, your business and your family can manage cope during what could be a difficult time.