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Many people wonder what a remortgage is. Remortgaging is the process where you pay off your existing mortgage, then switch to another lender.

There are valid reasons to consider this, but you need to consider the involved costs before doing so.

At a glance

1. You must check the value of your property. It may have increased in value since the last check. Typically with a higher property value in relation to the mortgage, more deals may be available to you if you decide to remortgage and you may be offered cheaper deals.

2. Always check the market for mortgage deals as this is the starting point for comparison between what you are paying now with what you might be able to get elsewhere.

3. You should be sure about the Ben what is remortgage edits of switching that outweighs the costs is. Even though you may be offered lower rates, you need to take into account any fees associated with switching along with the remaining length of your loan.

4. Remember to take what you have found to a mortgage broker as they have access to mortgages, which aren't available on comparison sites, so you may be able to improve on what you've found. Such brokers also double check the costs and benefits of switching. Always ask for an advised service.

5. You must set a reminder to review your mortgage every year. People who remortgage also get an introductory deal on the interest rate and when this ends, they are usually put on a less competitive variable rate.

Check the costs

Before switching, you must be sure to check out the costs. Some lenders also offer fee-free deals to tempt people but if they don't, people have legal, valuation and administration costs to pay.

The deals can be compared with the Annual Percentage Rate of Charge (APRC). The APRC provides a way of calculating interest rates that incorporate some mortgage-related fees in the calculation, giving a way to compare mortgage deals.

What might look like a money saving deal could end up being loss of money if you don't do your research first.

Your lender's valuation

You should bear in mind while applying for a mortgage that the lender's valuation may just involve checking the outside of the property from the street.

If the valuation is much too low and you are losing out on a better rate as a result, then you should ask the lender to reconsider. There are also lenders who provide bad credit mortgages.

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🔹 Maltese
🔹 AGE:3 years
🔹 Male
🔹 ARRIVED:10/19
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If you are into mortgage business, you will definitely benefit from buying mortgage leads. However, you will have to understand how to convert these leads effectively. The more leads you convert, the better your business becomes. There is no sure shot formula that will help you convert your leads in the fastest and the most efficient way. Nevertheless, here are a few mistakes that you need to avoid if you want to make the most of the leads that you have bought:

Calling up your potential clients incessantly

Yes, prospects do not convert at your first call; but calling them again and again is not going to help you transform them into customers. In fact, this might lead to phone call fatigue that may even frustrate your potential clients, making them run away from you.

Contacting potential clients only through phone

Direct contact always works well when it comes to converting mortgage leads. However, telephone is not the only way to contact your potential clients. Meeting your potential clients face-to-face and sending them emails are also methods you can try. If you are sending emails to your prospects, you need to make sure you don't send them more than 5 emails in one month.

Letting the leads go cold

It is very important to contact each and every lead that you obtain from the lead generating company. Discriminating between leads and cherry picking the ones that you wish to contact is going to leave many leads go cold. By doing so,you will only be wasting the time and resources that are spent on generating such leads. These leads end up becoming dead ends that are of no use to anybody.

Not contacting leads on weekends

It is to be noted that most leads end up getting cold because of the time that you choose to call them. If the prospects are at work when they are called, they will be less likely to listen to you or answer your questions. Not contacting them on weekends, when they are free to talk and listen to you, is missing out on an opportunity to convert your prospects into business.

The Best time to contact your leads is within one minute from the time you receive their information. This is where mortgage live transfer leads come to your help. These leads have already been contacted by the lead generation company for verification of details before they are transferred to you. They would be expecting your call and will not get frustrated when you call them. Calling them immediately will improve your chances of conversions. Every minute of delay may decrease the chances of conversion exponentially.

Apart from getting in touch with your contacts quickly, it is also important to follow-up efficiently if you want to increase conversions. In fact, it might take about 6 phone calls to convert a prospect effectively. Follow-ups help in keeping these leads hot until they are converted. Also, you need to make sure you have to call them at a time that is convenient for them to talk to you. If a particular prospect does not convert even after 6 attempts of contacting him/her, you should let the prospect go and move on to the next. Else, you would only be wasting your time and money that you can otherwise use on new leads that have better chances of conversions.

While buying mortgage leads may be an easier process, converting leads into business may not be that easy. Effective conversions would need you to follow a few simple tips that are mentioned below:

1. Try and get in touch with the lead as soon as you receive their details
2. Ensure proper follow-ups to keep the leads hot
3. Always contact your leads when they are free to take your calls
4. Make sure you do not contact your leads more than six times
5. Make it a point to include emails as a medium to reach your leads
6. Do not send more than 5 emails to a prospect in one month

In order to improve your mortgage business it would be good to look for a lead generation firm that can send you a steady stream of Mortgage Live Transfer Leads that have better chances of conversions. This will save your time and help you increase your customer base in a remarkable way.