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What does it mean for a state to be an "opt-out" state for workers' compensation? The majority of states place requirements on employers to cover employees under a workers' compensation policy to help them with things like medical bills and lost wages when the employees suffer injury.

This is not true in Texas, however. Here, employers are not required to carry any form of workers' comp insurance. That means that in Texas, if a worker is injured, and the employer has opted out of providing workers' comp coverage, then the employee is at the mercy of whatever alternative plans the employer has come up with (this is, of course, barring the potential for a third-party injury claim against a negligent party). A stunning 40 percent of all Texas businesses, large and small, no longer carry workers' comp insurance. These companies are known as workers' comp nonsubscribers.

Because workers' comp nonsubscribers are allowed to come up with their own alternative workers' comp plans, employees often run into problems. Employer-created plans tend to cover fewer injuries, cut off benefit payments sooner, dictate which doctors employees are allowed to visit and sometimes impose mandatory settlements that do not fully cover the injured workers' costs, such as medical bills and lost wages. Because of these problems, victims of workplace accidents who are not covered under workers' comp face serious financial and medical uncertainty.

A Deep Dive into the Issue

An investigation by the nonprofit ProPublica and NPR found that many independent insurance plans in Texas only cover care for an average of two years. This is in direct contrast to workers' compensation insurance, which lasts as long as a worker needs it to.

Furthermore, employer-created plans sometimes will not pay for things like wheelchair vans or for complications due to occupational diseases caused by exposure to dust, mold and even asbestos. Worse still, appeals are often controlled by the employers, and payments for catastrophic injury and wrongful death are can be strictly limited.

For the reasons listed above, whenever you suffer an injury at work, the best course of action is to discuss your case in a free consultation with a workers' comp attorney.

Without the assistance of a qualified personal injury/workers comp attorney, it can be extremely confusing and complicated to seek fair reimbursement for things such as medical expenses, wages lost while unable to work, and any other financial losses related to your accident.

The Law Offices of Aaron Allison represent clients who have suffered personal injury or wrongful death in workplace accidents. We offer free consultations for victims and their families. We have significant experience with both traditional and non-subscriber workers' compensation cases, and know what is required for success in both types of cases.


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Workers' compensation benefits are a type of insurance that is meant to accommodate employees who need medical care as a result of job-related injuries. Employers are obligated by law to provide workers' compensation insurance coverage for their employees in the case they sustain serious injuries related to occupational exposures. These policies generally include provisions for accidental injury, but many people are curious about other types of harm, such as disease or illness.

Continue reading to learn more about how illnesses are dealt with under standard work injury recompense policies, and who to trust for accurate advice regarding your potential claim.

Workers' Compensation for Sickness and Disorders

When an employee accepts workers' compensation, they are forfeiting their rights to sue their employer for negligence. This is because compensation is awarded to cover medical expenses, hospital bills, prolonged physical therapy, lost wages, economic losses, damages, and more. This allows victims to afford recovery. In most cases, work injury recompense is provided for victims of physical injury, but it must also be provided for employees who suffer from job-related sicknesses, illnesses, long-term conditions, and psychological disorders.

Stress-related conditions like heart disorders, digestive problems, and psychological issues are also commonly covered under most workers' compensation insurance. And long-term illnesses, such as sickness caused by working with toxic substances, loss of hearing, repetitive motion injuries, and vision problems may also be covered by workers' comp insurance. In order to be eligible for work injury recompense coverage for theses aforementioned conditions, an illness must have been caused by, and occurred during, an individual's time of employment.

Learn About Your Potential Workers' Compensation Claim

Even though an illness or disorder cannot be attributed to one isolated accident or event at work, it does not mean that it is not a valid workplace injury claim. Talk to a licensed and experienced personal injury lawyer about your rights as a victim of long-term illness or conditions related to your job responsibilities and environment.

They can give you accurate information regarding the unique circumstances and details of your claim, and develop a strong, impactful case to recover the fair compensation you deserve. It is important to hire a lawyer that can comprehensively represent you and your case, in attempt to recover compensation for your damages, such as lost wages, medical expenses, hospital bills, prolonged therapy, and more. Just be sure to get started as soon as possible to avoid exceeding your state's statutes of limitations for filing such claims.

Call Craven, Hoover, and Blazek P.C. at 317-881-2700 to discuss workplace injury claims with an experienced Indianapolis personal injury attorney you can trust. When you need aggressive and experienced representation for an injury or disorder, they are the lawyers who will work around the clock to recover the full and fair compensation you deserve. Schedule your free initial consultation, today.