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They abandoned me after all these years. Blind and terrified at dead row

Not a Fan of Obamacare? Here Is the Option!

Haven`t you had enough of dealing with Health Insurance Companies?...

Having health coverage is a big benefit for any one of us in a world where just one serious illness may cause you to lose your home. This is the major reason why most of us are ready to pay a quarter of our income for health insurance. It gives a feeling of security for you and your family in case bad luck knocks on your door. Another reason is the Affordable Care Act that has been signed into law in 2010.

There are so many health insurance companies on the market with many different options, and you can always find the one most suitable for you. But all of them have something in common: THEY WILL ALWAYS MAKE MONEY NO MATTER WHAT. Health insurance is business and that's what business is about. They can care less about you, your family and your health. They will raise your premiums if they had a bad year or they can just drop you when you need them the most. Insurance companies will drive our health care providers nuts by delaying payment for their services (till the point when the doctors can`t wait any more and are ready to take any amount just to stay in business).

But have you ever imagined a world without having to pay to insurance companies and still have health coverage?... And how much it would actually cost you just to pay for YOUR HEALTH COVERAGE not insurance company profits, advertisements, taxes and employees... ?

It is possible with the concept created by regular people for people - HEALTH CARE SHARING!

According to Wikipedia 'A health care sharing ministry is an organization that facilitates sharing of health care costs between individual members who have common ethical or religious beliefs in the United States. The concept of neighbor helping neighbor, it has been around since the birth of early church, and it`s quiet simple. Members contribute a certain amount every month (the amount depends on their sharing option), the money are allocated in a fund which was created specifically for member's needs, should any of them meet medical expenses eligible for sharing, the money from this fund will pay it.

Of course there are laws and regulations put on those ministries, such as they must be 501(c)(3) or 'non-for-profit' organization; members must have common beliefs or philosophy; they must not discriminate membership based on state of residence or employment; must have existed and been in practice continually since December 31, 1999. There are some different health sharing ministries in United States, and they have different beliefs, different policies, and options for their members and guidelines for sharing. Over all the amount of people sharing medical costs is... Be ready... 300,000!

And it is no wonder because savings on health coverage are amazing! You can get it literally for $100 a month, but of course there are different options offered.

After the Affordable Care Act took place, healthcare sharing organizations are getting more and more popular. So, either join the movement or stick with good old health insurance`s expensive premiums. It's only up to you! But it might be helpful to know that there is another option for you to pick from, when it comes to having to make a decision about your health coverage. We are all going to have to make this choice sooner or later.

They abandoned me after all these years. Blind and terrified . I can’t see what hell surrounds me. I can only hear cries from the others. I want to believe my family was devastated when they left me here, but I know they weren’t. I could hear it in their voice. Simply getting rid of their problem. Please help me get out of here! I desperately need a rescue and foster! Senior. Please pledge to attract rescue!

Mission, Texas
Transport available to San Antonio and Dallas

Please contact Leslie Hennings to arrange transport

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No Magic Wand With Obamacare

This year many people think Christmas came early with the health insurance marketplace, AKA "Obamacare". All across America, we have preconceived notion about what the "Obamacare" plans do. Most of them are false. What is the truth? Let's pull the rabbit out of the hat and see.

I have heard statements that are made similar to the following:

"Isn't Obamacare cheaper"

"I should be able to get it for free through Obamacare"

"Aren't the Obamcare plans better coverage"

I can go on and on.

The truth is, there is no magic with this. None...

What is it then? All math and taxes.

What! Let me explain, so listen up...

"Obamacare" plans are about plan changes to meet the requirements of a "Qualifying Health Plan" and tax credits/government subsidy. When comparing plans both on the Marketplace (Obamacare) and off the marketplace, and when comparing the same plan, they are exactly the same. No difference except 3 things:

If you qualify for a tax credit and exactly how much of a government subsidy. Then your "Retail Premium" will be reduced by the exact amount of the tax credit qualified for.
If you do qualify for a tax credit, you may also qualify for a tax credit to reduce your out-of-pocket expenses on the Silver Plans. This will vary depending on the household income and filing status.
There are a few plans off the Marketplace (Obamacare) that are not tax credit eligible and will not be available on the Marketplace, only outside of the Marketplace. The opposite is true as well. There are a few plans that are only available through the marketplace and are not available outside of the Marketplace.
It is important to keep in mind that the "Retail Premiums" for comparable plans on and off the marketplace are the exact same (when comparing all the same particulars). There are two reasons this is important:

Once you get your official tax credit, the government subsidy reduces it from the retail premium. If you do not qualify for a tax credit, now or in the future, you have to pay the full retail premium to have the health insurance.
One day you may not qualify for the health insurance tax credit and you will need to pay the full retail premium to maintain coverage.
The reality is there is no "magic" in Obamacare. It is simply math and taxes. There are no lower premiums available on the Marketplace unless you pick a lower level plan (more exposure to you) or receive any tax credit. There is the false hope that a magic wand is available on the Marketplace (Obamacare) and your premiums will instantly lower. This is simply not the case.

The Marketplace is nothing more than the controller for premium tax credit and cost sharing credits. The "Hub", if you will, for getting dollars from the government to lower your cost for health insurance, assuming you qualify. Otherwise, they are no advantage to you, your family, or your business to go to the Marketplace for health insurance.