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When you want to get financing for buying a home, you have to ensure that your mortgage application will be perfect. Otherwise, you risk getting rejected and this will have serious consequences. Firstly, you will not get the home you have been dreaming of. What's more, the rejection will have a negative impact on your credit score and consequently on any future applications. For these reasons, you must use all available advice which will help you apply successfully.

Meet all new requirements.

In 2014, the lenders' are legally required to pose stricter requirements on mortgage borrowers. You must have credit-to-income ration which is lower than 43%. You must provide full documentation on all of your major financial transactions for the past two years plus pay slips and bank account statements.

The other requirements have not changed, but you must ensure that you meet them. You will need credit score of at least 680, good recent credit history, stable employment income and sufficient savings for a down payment of at least 5% with a conventional loan and 3.5% with an FHA loan.

Prepare all the paperwork.

In addition to the W-2's and the bank account statements which you need to provide, you have to have the full paperwork on all major transactions and documents which show the origin of larger deposits. If you have sold your car, for instance, you should be able to provide a copy of the sale agreement. Similarly, if you have got a bonus which you transferred to your savings account, you will need a copy of the document for the issuing of the bonus from your employer.

It is extremely important that you document financial gifts even if they come from close family members. Since the transaction is informal, your best bet is to request the person to write and sign a gift letter. You can find samples online and present a ready letter to the gift maker for signing.

Check for errors.

You should get a copy of your credit report right before making the mortgage application and confirm that there are no errors in it. Typically, this check is done before shopping for a mortgage, but you should perform it again just to be on the safe side. In the same way, you must check your application thoroughly before submission. This is important since even a simple spelling mistake can cost you dearly.

Know the value of the property.

You need to estimate the financing which you require based on the purchased property value as precisely as possible. This is because the lender will request appraisal and will have the right to make changes to the requested loan amount based on it. In this case, you may end up with less money than you expected and you may be unable to afford the property given its asked price.

Finally, it may go without saying but you should not make any major changes right before making a mortgage application. You should not change your job, make a large purchase or get a new consumer loan or credit card. You would not want such a move to ruin your efforts.

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The first thing to consider when it comes to getting a mortgage loan is to find a reliable lender. It is the responsibility of the debtor to verify the feedback from their clients to ensure the quality of the money lending service. In certain cases, booking an appointment with the bank officials to discuss the terms and conditions of their mortgage loan will also give results. This will eventually help the debtor to find the best mortgage rates. Before finalizing the deal, verify if there are any complaints or lawsuits pending against them. The debtor can also run a basic background check with the help of a lawyer.

Next step is to verify their money lending history to see the reliability of the service. Applying for a loan does not oblige a person to make commitments to the bank. Consult with other banks to see which one will provide the best mortgage rates. There are several external factors that decide the rate of interest, terms and condition of a loan. In some cases, the interest rate varies from one day to another. It is also possible to find a loan at a fixed rate.

For a debtor, it is very important to understand the difference between rate quote and rate lock. A bank calculates rate quotes depending upon the following factors: credit rating, loan to value ratio and income. In the case of lock rate, it is fixed for a certain period or days. The debtor can lock a rate 30, 45, 60 or 90 days. The extension of the lock will decide the rate of interest. This system is beneficial in certain cases and unprofitable in some other cases. All this will depend upon the financial status of the borrower. In the case of big amounts, it is always better to lock the rate.

Getting the best mortgage rates requires preparation. For instance, people who are working in the real estate industry very well know that a lock price is better for a long term agreement. At the same time, it is not very easy to get a fixed interest rate. The bank will consider several financial parameters to decide the mortgage rate. The credit rating of the borrower plays an important role in deciding mortgage rates. People with credit problems can negotiate with the bank to get a better down payment option.

Borrowers with low credit score may find it hard to get the best mortgage rates. In such circumstances, it is very much important to discuss with the bank officials to find an amicable solution. In short, there are several factors that influence the best mortgage rates. The debtor can do his own homework or consult with a mortgage broker to finalize the deal.

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