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Finding the Best Loan for Your Needs

The best unsecured personal loans come from lenders who are doing their best to help people. They were tired of seeing hard working consumers fall between the cracks because they didn't have a high enough credit score. Not everyone with poor credit was able to prevent it from happening. Some were the result of the economy and others due to health problems.

Yet the typical lender doesn't look at any of those situations. Instead, they look at your credit score, your debts, and your income. Find a lender offering the best unsecured personal loans without any credit check and without any difficult paperwork process.


Find a provider who has very few requirements for you to get the money. They typically will need income verification and a photo ID. Some need much more so you need to think about what they need and what you have. Don't apply with a lender who can't get you approved due to your scenario and profile.


You should be able to fill out the documents for the best unsecured personal loans in a matter of minutes. You only need to offer a few basic details. The application can be done in person or it can be done online. Make sure the lender can offer you the dollar amount you need so you don't get part of the money but not all of it. Don't get into the habit of borrowing from more than one.

Find one lender who can help you get your needs met. The application should have a place for you to enter the amount of money you need. Once your application is reviewed you may be given an offer. Make sure you review the interest rate, any fees, and your repayment installment amounts. Don't accept it unless everything looks perfect and you can afford it.

Getting your Money

A common question is when you will get your money and how you will get it. The best unsecured personal loans do all they can to get the money to you quickly. This can include electronically sending it to your bank account or issuing you a check. With many locations, you can walk out in an hour or less with the money.

For online offers, you may be able to have the money in one business day. Their goal is to make sure you get the money very fast. When you need money, the last thing you want is a long wait. They strive to get it for you in very little time.

Customer Service

You may need help with a specific scenario, making a payment, or getting information about best unsecured personal loans. Contacting their customer support should be easy and fast. They should be willing to help you by phone or online in a friendly and efficient way. Find out what the reviews have to say about their support before you work with them.

The last thing you want is to discover when you need the help the most, they aren't able to do anything for you. Long wait times, unanswered emails, and the wrong information can make it a hard learning experience. Stick with a lender who can help you get results in the least amount of time.

When you work with Willow Loans, you get a provider who cares and wants to see you succeed. We are the bridge between you and lenders so you can get the personal loan you need when you need it. The process is hassle free and you don't have to provide volumes of information to be approved. We understand the issue of bad credit can be a sensitive one, but it shouldn't prevent you from being able to borrow money. We realise there are many reasons why your credit may be off track. Our services are designed to help you get the money you seek in spite of what your credit looks like right now.

As long as you are an adult and you have income to pay it back, you can find a lender to help you. The problem though is not all lenders are the same. Some of them can get you the money the same day. It can take as little as one hour in some instances which can help you resolve your financial problem. Find out what the process time is should you be in a crunch.

What will it Cost?

Don't be so focused on getting the money through poor credit installment loans that you fail to see the overall cost of it. Use free online calculators to aid you with seeing the big picture. Think about how long it is going to take for you to pay it off and what that last dollar amount will be.

Compare offers so you can get the lowest possible interest. You can compare them before you give any application. Being well informed only takes a small window of time. It can help you to get the money with the best possible terms. It can help you avoid a sticky situation where you regret ever borrowing.

As you can imagine, poor credit installment loans are going to cost you more in the end due to the risk. You may have to accept that now and then work hard to improve your credit. In the future, that could mean a loan with far less interest and costs attached to it. For now though you will need to do what you must to get that money. Find the best offer for your needs.

Ask Questions

Always ask questions and ask for all the details of poor credit installment loans offers to be put into writing. You need to avoid predatory lenders who talk fast and twist it all around. They are often right there on that fence where the line is between being legal and being unethical. They have enough loopholes to cover themselves but enough leeway to take advantage of you.

If you don't like the answers you get or they are evasive, find another lender. Don't assume when you need poor credit installment loans that you only have one shot at it. There are many lenders out there willing to give you a chance to prove you are credible and you will pay back that money. This may be the only solution for you now so embrace it.

Don't Borrow More

Sometimes, lenders of poor credit installment loans will offer you more money than you ask for. It can be very tempting to take that money to pay other bills or to have some fun. The problem with that though is you have to pay high interest on that money. It is best to find what you need and stick to only that amount. You will pay it off faster and get back on track.

Make sure you can pay back the money each month on time. When possible, pay extra so you can see that balance going down and down. The more you pay above your required payment, the more of it goes to the principal. This can be a great way to borrow if you do your research.

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If you have often felt you couldn't get the money due to your lack of credit, poor credit, or the amount of debt you have, it can hold you back. There are lenders out there though that don't use that credit score or debt to income ratio. Instead, they look at your ability to pay the money back. They keep the process simple so you can apply for a personal loan with bad credit.

Check out Lenders

One of the differences is these lenders tell you upfront what your terms will be. You will get full disclosure with the interest rate and with any fees associated with the loan. This information is important as you can compare it to make sure you get the best possible deal. Pay the least you have to to borrow that money.

Make sure you check the reputation of the lenders too before you apply for a personal loan with bad credit. Most of them are legitimate and they really do want to help people from all types of situations. However, there are scams and you don't want to risk them getting their hands on your personal information. Never pay funds to get an application or other types of scenarios.

Simple Process

You can either apply for a personal loan with bad credit online or in person. Online allows you to do so in private and any time of the day or night. They can send you a check to deposit at your bank or deposit the funds into your bank account electronically. With a walk-in place, you can leave with cash or a check in hand.

Once you decide who you are going to apply with, it is very simple. There isn't a mountain of paperwork to fill out or documents to give. You don't have to wait long to get a reply either. When you apply for a personal loan with bad credit, you will give your personal information and contact details. You will include information about your income.

Other information may be requested depending on the lender you apply with. Most of them let you know what they will need before you apply. Make sure you read through those details so you can apply with a lender who can get you approved. For example, some accept only income from a job and others accept all types of income. Even if you are self-employed, you can find lenders.

Include information about how much you need to borrow when you apply for a personal loan with bad credit. The lender will look at the information and decide if they can extend the credit to you. This includes how much they can offer you, the repayment schedule, and when you will get the money.

If you accept the offer, you are bound by those conditions. You are legally responsible to pay back what you borrow including the assigned interest. You never have to show to the lender what you plan to use the money for. Paying the money back on time can help you to rebuild your credit. Paying it off faster than required can help you to save money too.

While no one goes into a loan with collateral with the intention of not paying, it happens. Your circumstances can change and that would mean you risk losing that item of value. It is always safer to pursue personal unsecured loans. While the interest rate may be a bit more due to the added risk for the lender, it offers you protection for your personal items of value.

No Collateral

Not everyone has collateral they can use, but they still need to borrow money. If you still owe on your home or your vehicle, the lender likely can't use those as collateral anyway. This is because the original creditor has first access to them if you don't pay them. Therefore, another lender can't get mixed up in using them to secure any type of loan.

Just because you don't have collateral though doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to borrow money. With personal unsecured loans, you can easily get the money you need when you need it the most. You don't have to feel like you are slipping through the cracks due to the unfair need of collateral so often in place by lenders.

Avoid a Co-Signer

You can avoid asking a friend or family member to co-sign too with personal unsecured loans. It can be very stressful to ask someone to take on such a responsibility for you. If you don't pay the loan as you should, they are legally responsible to pay it back to the lender. This can cause a strain in your relationship with them if things don't go according to plan.

It can be embarrassing to ask someone to co-sign for you too. It can make you feel like you aren't able to control your financial needs on your own. Keeping your borrowing private is also something most people like to do. They don't want to share with others they have a need to borrow money from any lender.

Sell Items of Value

When you have collateral securing a loan, it is tied up until that loan is paid back in full. With personal unsecured loans, you can sell those items of value at any time if you wish to do so. You have the freedom to do what you want with those items. If they are used as collateral, they are frozen until the loan is paid off. That can be a long time from now!

What happens if your car isn't running well and you need to get a new one? You aren't going to be able to do so unless you have a way to pay that loan off early. It can be very frustrating to be locked into such situations for any length of time.

Slash Interest Rates

Even though personal unsecured loans have a higher rate of interest, you don't have to pay it if you play your cards right. Plan your repayment schedule so you are able to pay more than the least due on it each month. By doing so, more of what you pay will go towards the principal balance. You will pay it off in less time and cut the amount of interest you pay to the lender.