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Just a few hours left and I will be taking my last breath. I promise to keep smiling in heaven

FAREWELL to all my friends. Just a few hours left. I promise to keep smiling in heaven💔

My name is #LADII #A2054260 and they told me to hurry and say my farewells now because I only have a few hours left to live. I will be taking my last breath TOMORROW 11/5 at 2 PM!😢😢 Would you kill your 4 legged best friend if he or she wasn’t friendly with ONE particular dog? Well that’s why they’re killing me. I guess being at this shelter and never doing anything wrong in 5 months didn’t mean anything to them. Wish they were a little kinder to us. They seem to be getting very impatient with a lot of us lately and many of my fur friends were already killed. I think I will need a miracle and believe in them now more than ever.

Urgent PLEA from the shelter !!!!
Ladii #A2054260 has been at the shelter since 6/18/2019 with clean notes in regards to behavior ....
LADII is in great RISK of euthanasia because did not want to participate in playgroup. She had barrier aggression before going in to the playgroup.
NO FAIR to LADII !!!!!!!

I am a female brown brindle and white American Bulldog mix.

The shelter staff think I am about 3 years old and I weigh 49 pounds.

I was found as a stray and I am available for adoption. 2019.06.17

Located at
Miami Dade animal service
3599 NW. 79th Ave.
Miami – Doral Florida
305–884–1101 or 311
Email –

STATUS : - please call the shelter
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